Landlord Checklist

Tenant Information (Form K)

  • Filing a Form K is a legal requirement in B.C.
  • You are required to submit a Form K to Strata Council at least 48 hours before the tenant moves in. This requirement applies to partial tenant changes (i.e., one of multiple tenants moves out and is replaced.)
  • Your tenant will not be able to book the elevator until we receive the completed Form K.

Moving In/Out

Please refer to Moving In/Out section under Bylaws & Rules section.


If you give your tenant permission to use your parking spot, you must ensure your tenant is aware of the parking rules in and around the building and that the tenant’s car is insured for liability.

Bylaws and Rules

Under Provincial Law landlords must provide their tenants with a full copy of official Strata bylaws and rules. Note that the online copy of bylaws is not official. Copies of the bylaws can be obtained from the Wynford Group. Landlords are responsible for ensuring their tenants know all building bylaws and rules. If a tenant doesn’t know them they are liable to break some of them and the landlord will have fines placed on their account for the actions of the tenant.

It is vital landlords impress upon their tenants that the Taylor enforces all bylaws and rules. Some of the most commonly broken ones are: noise violations, parking violations and throwing cigarette butts (or any object) off balconies.

The Taylor Building does not provide tenants with copies of the bylaws or information of rules as found in the current years council meeting minutes. That is the responsibility of the landlord.

During the tenancy new rules may be passed and will be noted in council minutes. It is legally the responsibility of the landlord to ensure their tenants are aware and abide by such.