Resident Parking

Owners of the suites are provided with parking space on P1, P2 and P3 levels of the Taylor Building. Each lot has a number written in white, and you must know which lot(s) are yours. The owners parking lots can be accessed through the gate from the east side of Taylor Street, and then through the second gate.

The owners of suites can rent their parking spaces to their tenants. Tenants must obtain permission from their landlord.

Vehicle Owners park at their own risk. Storage of any sort is prohibited. Vehicle must be insured. On vehicles not insured for the road, a minimum of $1 million liability insurance is required.

Visitor Parking

Please refer to Visitor Parking section under Rules & Bylaws section.

Metered Parking

Visitors may pay and park in the metered spaces on Taylor Street. Meters must be paid as indicated on each meter.

Loading Space

There is a loading space off the north side of the building at Shanghai Alley. The usage restriction must be confirmed with the officers who controls the parking in the area, however. It is recommended that loading take constantly without leaving a car unattended even for 5 mins.