Garbage & Recycling

There are five categories of refuse. The City of Vancouver requires recycling, so the first four of the five types are forms of recycling. Please note placing recyclables in the trash is an offence under City of Vancouver bylaws.

A new Metro Vancouver regulation requires separation of food scraps from regular garbage. Further information about recycling in Vancouver can be found via Recycle BC.

Compost (Food scraps) – Green Bins in the Garbage Room on P1

Papers & Containers – Blue Bins in the Garbage Room on P1

  • Newsprint: Newspapers, flyers, etc.
  • Mixed Paper: General household paper and heavy card stock such as stiff courier envelopes. Includes window envelopes. Does not include wax paper.
  • Bottles & Cans: Glass bottles, plastic bottles, tin cans, plastic containers with symbol 1, 2, 4, or 5. Does not include plastic bags, cardboard milk cartons, or plastic clamshell containers.

Corrugated Cardboards – Giant Grey Steel Bin by the Visitor Parking Space (P1)

All boxes must be flattened before depositing. Does not include pizza boxes or other cardboard with grease (garbage).

Garbage – Giant Garbage Steel Bin in the Trash Room on P1

Anything not fitting in the four categories above should be tied securely in bags and deposited in the large green steel garbage bin on the trash room on the P1 level. For any trash too large to fit in the bin, please contact the Residential Manager.

Do not do the following!

The following must not be placed in any garbage container or garbage room: appliances, furniture, mattresses, flooring remnants/carpeting, light fixtures, paint, PCBS, wood. Residents are solely responsible for disposal of such items and any extra charges associated if special disposal is required.