Strata Council

Greetings from the Council

Greetings from your strata council. The strata council is elected by all building owners at the annual general meeting and consists of building owners willing to invest their time in tending to the administration of the building. Please note that the job is volunteer which means that strata council members are not paid for the time invested.

Council Members

Peter KieserPresident
Hamid Asna-AshariVice President / Secretary
Clayton GreenwoodTreasurer
Joel RiveraSpecial Projects / Privacy Officer
Cesar Valles
Guy Kutany
Damian Newcombe

Your complaints and/or concerns must be submitted in writing to Council using the Bylaw Complaint form. Anonymous complaints and/or concerns will not be addressed. Please submit request to attend a monthly Council Meeting to present a complaint and/or concern in writing to Council a minimum of one week in advance.

This web site is intended to be an information resource for all owners and will continue to develop as strata council and the volunteering webmaster finds time. Please report any errors or omissions you may find on the site so we can make sure information provided here is accurate.